Tanya Zabinski   illustrator/author

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TWENTY-FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO BE A PEACEFUL ACTIVIST combines image and text to create a list of actions that support and build a just and sustainable world. Each action has an accompanying mini-biography of a person who embodies that action. These actions are both inward and outward. They are personal and communal. They can be applied to lofty goals and to menial tasks. They are simultaneously simple and multi-layered. The action of 'plant' can refer to planting a seedling, or planting an idea. 'Renew' can refer to renewing oneself physically, mentally or spiritually. The aim of the artist is to highlight actions in which daily life can be seen as worthwhile. Although the actions are small, when compounded, they are substantial. As Pete Seeger put it, 'many little efforts' build our future.






'Go Local'









'Give Thanks'




'Make Friends'





'Do Your Best'


'Hang Laundry'